Paid Dues: When Does Almost Ever Cut It?

Has it really been 5 months since my last write up? Where has the time gone? 

So much has happened and changed in those 5 months, not just to me on a personal level but world events and the continuing dumbing down of this nation. Besides having an idiot as President and now all the global disasters, its like we're living in a fuckin dooms day movie. But you and I know the truth. Its Change. Plain and simple, things were never meant to stay as they were and we are living through an Era of crazy change. I can only imagine what people will be saying about us 100 years from now about those 2010's and all the bullshit we had to endure before we finally broke the system. Cuz make no mistake, its breaking. The more I see the hate the more I see the love. Good will win out but how bad can bad get? We'll see.

Now we are here, 4 days have passed since Murs sent me a Direct Message Via Instagram explaining that Paid Dues will be postponed and just from reading the message, I can tell he was disappointed to deliver the news. 

My crew EOTR and I obviously feel the pain. Although we didnt campaign like some people have in the past to just be considered on the line up, we did do a lot once our names were announced. Which was crazy in itself. People have been asking me how the whole Paid Dues thing came about. Its a lot less interesting than you think. Our friend and fellow hip hop head Koncept714 needed a space to record his podcast "Wake the Flok Up" and we (EOTR) without hesitation offered our studio even before we knew it was Murs he was interviewing. Once Murs was in the building, thats a whole story in itself, we simply gave him a CD of Mad Macks and my new albums and he listened. Crazy right? All this social media bullshit we try to convince ourselves matters, cuz it does, right? Yeah sure... All that bullshit and it was the old school, "here check out my demo" approach that got our names in the running. After that, it was another DM that booked us, same like the DM that cooked us... The Irony. 

And now as the internet trolls take to social media to give there best "I told you so" speech and Murs goes on the Shane Show and pretty much says Paid Dues is dead in the water, here I am trying to figure out the next step. 

Ive gotten my share of "Keep your head up" messages and comments. I truly appreciate the love and support and people sharing their own stories of blunders and downfalls. Its funny people relate thru hate and disappointment the most. I know someone, somewhere is happy that we (EOTR) didnt get it. And I know some are truly sad for us. I am grateful for the words but thats where it ends. My head has never been down and this story wont end here.

I've always hated the underdog mentality of almost winning. Walk through any hood in America and youll find some one who has a great story of ALMOST. But I decided a long time ago I wouldn't be that foo. The one who almost made it but got sabotaged or some fucked up scenario plays out where he was denied, I just dont buy into that shit. Sure you can be dealt a shit hand but where you go from there is entirely up to you.

So where Do I go from here? Since Paid Dues first announcement about 2 months ago, I've seen my fair share of crazy shit. From friends who no longer support, to dudes offering me $50K to invest in whatever it is we're doing (no one can seem to figure it out) to watching the EOTR Network grow exponentially. Can I really complain? I got my Paid Dues Billboard photo for IG in before it was too late, did we really take the L there? lol

Its hard to tell but postponement is probably gonna turn into cancellation and even if some how the Festival does take place, it wont be the same. The amount of momentum lost cannot be stressed enough but is it bad for someone like me? Mr No Name who no one knew who he was until this shit? Plus who can take away the fact that there are a lot of people making really good Hip Hop and EOTR is apart of that. We belong. 

So before you go on your Facebook rant about how Paid Dues was never gonna be good cuz of the line up and all this other bullshit, just realize that even without taking place, Murs' festival has provided myself and my crew new opportunities and inspiration that other wise wouldn't have come about. So I aint mad and you already know I wont let the story end here. Time will tell what this all really meant, but for now we are back to work and the future has never looked brighter. 

-Viva Mescal

PS. Happy Birthday to my youngest brother Benjamin Miranda, I fucking love you bro! 27 years, we are not kids anymore. Keep being the best man you can and I'll always have your back. 


Also here is our EOTR x Paid Dues Cypher... They can never take away the good times. :,)