FIRST LOOK: Heaven Behold Music Video Photos

If you haven't noticed yet me and @MightyMuds aka Mudsy really like to work. He's like my video spirit animal. The same way most of my day is spent in audio, Muds is always ingulfed in the video and photo world.

So we set off to create another fun music video for one of my favorite songs ever "Heaven Behold" produced by Rokem @RokemBeats on IG. 

The Music Video is about me getting stalked by a crazy Bruja (witch) that is trying to hurt and set my spirit on fire. The video was filmed over the course of 2 days and we had our fair share of drama along the way which included getting throw out of Evergreen cemetery then getting banged on at Evergreen Park, all while I was dressed as a Mormon-like religious guy.  Yup Boyle Heights can be a strange place with cholos and Mormons arguing at the park cuz some crazy girl is lighting a voo doo doll on fire and the homies think its a bad look, go figure. 

Here are some photos from the video shoot. We are set to release the music video tomorrow or the next day depending on Mudsy's schedule, he works a lot. 

Youtube: EOTRNetwork to watch it when it drops and please subscribe. Gratsi.