#MescalontheSide - Return of the Mac (book pro)

Return of the mac! Damn song stuck in my head as I walk into New World Mac on sunset to pick up my Macbook Pro. I dropped off my good ol mac about 3 months back due to it not working for shit. At first I brought it to the Mac book store in Glendale, but after a 10 minute conversation with the “genius” at the bar, the only advice he could offer was “buy a new one” and quote me about $1,100 to repair. What a crock of shit, they quote you a repair price that's more than a brand new Macbook which is why the first things out of his mouth is “buy a new one.” I knew that couldn't be my only option so onto Google I went and wah lah I find NWM. They replaced my busted motherboard for $540, works like new, take that Apple.
My Macbook crashed 11 months ago. And for any artist who uses their laptops or computer to not only create but to work and pay your bills, 11 months felt like an eternity and its been a journey to get enough money and means, so let's take a trip on that journey.
Last piece of audio I have in my iTunes shows July 18th, 2015 being the last date I added music to my library so that’s where we’ll start the timeline.

July 18th- Macbook officially dies. And I remember the last time it work properly was at the Blvd, I was trying to make a flyer for some event and boom! It crashed and I had that feeling in my gut that this would not be something that could be fixed with the regular reboot! Oh no, I knew I was fucked.

I told myself, how the fuck am I going to afford a new Macbook pro on an artist salary. Tax time is my green season and that wouldn't be for another 6 months. So I had to hustle double time to get enough money. I’m taking on all hustles. I’m selling beer, throwing shows, designing flyers, working the 9-5, whatever.

Around the same time I got a job with Mike Real moving boxes for some douche bags on Riverside Drive. Tried to keep it up to save, promised myself I’d make my goal but couldn't do it. Quit that job within 2 months. I don't know how some people do so much for so little and never questions their own worth.

August 2015- I open up for Snow Tha Product and Rock a show with the Ces Cru so I'm like fuck yeah Im getting signed by Strange Music next week, I'll get my Macbook with my signing bonus Tech Nine gives me. HA! That didn't happen but you never know.

September 2015- I'm back to throwing Beer Pong tournaments and hip hop shows but still can't crack the surface.

October 2015- I host The Unity Projects show featuring Kemo The Blaxican at El Compadre in DTLA. I get in good with the manager and get a full time gig there doing social media and event coordination! But still no big bucks, gotta wait for my time...

November 2015- My manager at EL Compadre Pete Cordero is gunned down outside his house in Highland Park the same night Canelo beat Cotto. November 21st. I will never ever forget this night.
December 2015- Financial and employment limbo. Not sure if I have a job, not sure if I even want to work another day. Sad times but we grind. I still host the Toy Drive for the kids, I still hold my family close. We survive. And right around the end of the month I stumble across an amazing rehearsal studio for rent that I just can't pass up, so I get a 6 month lease at the place! So there goes more money out my pocket but that's another story...

January 2016- Finally get my agreed salary and monthly contract with El Compadre. Decent pay and upward mobility for the future, I ain't mad at all. But with the studio now in my life, I didn't want a mac book anymore, I wanted to go for something more reliable so I look into buying an iMac desktop.

February 2016- Tax time, things are good but life has other plans. I’m traveling, hitting Colorado and South by Southwest in March, all my extra money is gone. Plus I buy the iMac!!!

*March 2016- SXSW, I don't know what hurt more, my wallet or my liver. They say work is the burden of the drinking class. Well they are right haha. But I do one thing right. Before I hit the road for Texas, my lovely girlfriend Celeste suggest for me to take it into that spot New World Mac. I pass by the fucking place 3 times a day in Echo Park, it's right across the street from El Compadre, so in I go.

The dude at NWM looks at it and says “ I can fix it, $450 for the part, $90 for the labor”
Fuckin’ Aye! I leave it with him. He says I have 1 month to pick it up, sure. haha.

Three months later here I am with Macbook in hand! Tripping out on all my music and memories I had thought I lost!

Moral of the story, shit I dont know, learn to save your money. Ummm never give up! I didn't do either one so I guess you can take that from this little tale.
But it goes to show things come full circle and now three hundred and sixty degrees later I have a studio, 2 jobs, an iMac desktop and my Macbook pro back from the dead.

So its time to get back to work. I recorded, mixed, mastered and created hundreds of songs with this piece of amazing machinery, cant wait to drop this new new!

Once again, Return of the Mac!

-Written at The Blvd with Easy Jack IPA in hand by Mescalito